About Steve Allred

          Steve started his career in service working for the State of Utah beginning in 1973. He worked at the American Fork Training School full time for 6 years, where he supervised 24 profoundly intellectually and developmentally disabled males. The difficulty of this situation was compounded by the fact that all of them were also seizure control patients. During that time he was also attending undergraduate school and obtained his Bachelors degree from Brigham Young University in Child Development and Family Relationships with double minors in Social Work and Psychology.

          Then, in 1979, Steve initiated a Youth Services special project that was eventually mandated by the State of Utah and became an integral part of service delivery in the Department of Human Services. Within that framework he did counseling for 23 years working with "hard to handle" youth and their family members, as well as providing clinical counseling for sexually abused children and youth. He is the recipient of the prestigious recognition award from the Conference of Agencies and Organizations Serving Troubled Youth and is known for his expertise in counseling families. While working full time for the State of Utah he obtained his Masters degree from UNLV in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1983.

          He then organized Antelope Springs Counseling Services and began teaching couple enrichment, assertiveness and anger management classes, as well as providing individual, couple and family therapy. In 2002 he retired from the State of Utah and since that time has continued to provide therapy four days per week in his private practice.

          Steve has been a field supervisor for graduate and undergraduate students from SUU, BYU, U of U, Prescott College and Dixie College. He has facilitated over 7000 hours of group therapy and provides ongoing workshops, classes and retreats. He taught a community parenting class free to the public for 34 years, and only recently, (2013) decided to close that resource to allow time for some new projects.

          Steve has been clinically licensed as a Marriage and Family therapist since 1985 and is also a clinical member of the AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy). He is a member of the UAMFT (Utah Association of Marriage and Family Therapy) as well. In order to fulfill the requirements for a clinical license, Steve successfully completed a 3 year internship after his M.S. degree which involved doing over 3000 hours of therapy with individuals, couples and families, and 100 hours of supervised counseling. He was supervised from 1982-1985 by Dr. Veon Smith Jr., who is currently practicing in South Jordan, Utah.

He is dedicated and committed in helping people reach their goals and having a more enriched life experience.