Feedback From Fall 2016 Inner Sentence Class

"Everyone was very open and we were able to share without judgment. This class is very valuable. We should have everyone take it. Read the Anatomy of Peace and world conflicts would cease! I also loved the notion that we are all connected, it validated what I have personally believed for years. I wish it was two weeks longer"

"I really liked the information! I feel like I learned so much. It helped me get outside my shell a little bit. I pushed myself to participate - normally I am fairly quiet and I observe. So I challenged myself to speak up, even if I was wrong. I like that participation is encouraged whether it is speaking up, writing on the board or taking notes for someone. I really enjoyed this class, watching my own reaction was very informative - when I was irritated with someone in class, it really said more about me. I'd love to do this class again!"

"I loved the opportunity to look at myself on deeper and deeper levels. To become aware that I have many choices in my life. I recommend it to everyone, everywhere. The first time I took it, it changed my life, the second time it enriched it tremendously. I didn't like that it only lasts eight weeks!"

"I learned a lot about behavior and the class really helped me be able to deal with some issues at my work place with co-workers. Definitely worth the time and money."

"I loved learning to look inside myself and take responsibility for my life. I am so thrilled to have the tools to better myself. Every single person on the planet should take this class, it's life changing, a rule book for life. I hope to have ALL my family come and take this class. This will forever change my life!"

"I have become very self aware about what drives me. By the guidance of the course content I have been able to truly understand my inner self and apply positivity in everyday life."

"I like how the class opened my thinking to look inside myself in ways that I didn't think I could. Truly a life changer, 3 hours goes by so fast, I have had a great time coming with my family. It has helped me to be more positive in day to day life."

"I liked most about the class how informative it was. The information also seemed be easily applied to my needs and circumstances. Awesome experience, I wish it could go on more than eight weeks"

"This class caused me to face some of my past issues that I had chosen not to admit to. I liked the handouts and homework. I used the homework to work through problems, both current and past. Helpful! "

"I liked that class was centered on facts and studies. I loved the different parts (instruction, small groups, and board work) and I see the purpose in them. I really enjoyed the safe circumstance in which class was held. I could have used more classes! I want more! This has been good for me and something to look forward to. I can't wait to take another class. I love this type of education and it's filling my soul."

"I liked the quizzes and questions that gave me more insights into who I am and let me see myself through different lenses. I liked how you processed two people each night (uncovered their inner sentence), really helped me see things in my own life. I liked how there was a consistent push to reflect upon yourself to discover who you really are. Really felt like it has impacted my life in helping me understand better who I am and why I do the things that I do, and how perhaps I can change some things in my life."

"I liked: the people I got to meet, the different perspectives I got to experience, to able to share myself with people I really didn't know, the depth of looking into how I work and the things I learned were amazing. I think I have a lot more to learn about myself. Great class, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this group. I appreciated the courage we had to lay it out there on the line."

"I liked seeing people figure out their inner sentences during the last hour of each class, I liked the tests we took and the discussions around those."

"I loved the reading recommendations, I loved the insights on psychological cycles. Personality tests were really enlightening. Connecting with others who were on an emotional journey too. I would be interested in taking this class again."

"It provided a lot of tools to use not only during the class but after it's over as well. Gave me tools to learn about myself and improve. I'm sad that it is over"

"I liked the group work, meeting like- minded people, new ideas, feeling safe and welcome. It was very helpful for shifting my thought patterns. We loved the class!!"

"Class made me realize how I could change the way I think and look at myself to find happiness. I appreciated how open and honest everyone was. Great information, I learned a lot but need and want to take the class again."

"Such honesty it helped me look probably deeper into myself than I thought I wanted to see. I was able to work through most of my fears of "knowing". I hope this class is taught again, I will definitely be there!"

           "I learned so much more about myself through this class. Examining my upbringing in a new light helped me see things differently. I was able to vocalized the family rules that in some cases had been on repeat in my family over the generations. Learning about and understanding the concepts of mental grooving and homeostasis were really important to me. Those concepts explained why I was often gotten stuck when trying to improve myself before. And the class also taught me how to handle these in meaningful ways so that I can have patience with myself. I was fascinated watching people's inner sentences at work."

           "I liked the layout, the group involvement and discussions. I liked the board work for the inner sentences. I liked the flow and way that the 3 hours were constructed, the overview and discussions. My group seemed to be tailored to include like-minded individuals. My group was easy to connect with and had good flow. We accomplished the tasks well due to that fact everyone seemed to have a general respect for each other. This class was great! It peels back the layers of walls that I didn't know I had built up. It was a comfortable setting that allowed me to become aware of self defeating beliefs that were holding me back."