Feedback From Clients

"Thanks for loosening the chains that bind"

"We appreciate what you did for us and hope that you are as content as we are"

"Thank you for the path and the opportunities to learn to see more clearly, to love more fully, and to choose to act with kindness and gentleness"

"Steve has been an incredible asset to our high school. For years he has run our "group sessions" for teens who needed special help in their lives. I personally know of several students whose lives where literally saved by these sessions."

"Through the hardest time in my life, Steve was my iron rod. Last year I was in a tragic accident where I was in a jeep rollover and was seconds away from death. That night one of my best friends died, and I was rushed to the hospital with a lacerated liver and broken ribs, and was placed in intensive care. The depression that I was in made me close to suicide. My life has now changed greatly due to the fact that I got some help through these tragedies."

"For the past 12 years Steve has been an important person in the lives of many of our students. He has offered hope, encouragement, and stability to students desperately reaching for reasons to continue living at home, stop drugs and drinking, manage their fury, find a way out of the court system, and yes, to some who were not sure that they wanted to continue living on this planet. Over the years I have seen "miracles" you might say as students have over a period of sessions, changed their behaviors."

"Steve's contributions to our rather tight knit community are measured by how lives change 5 - 10 years down the road. We'll probably never know how many young people have discarded suicide as an option, or developed stronger relationships with their family and friends, but that's exactly what you would expect from Steve's services. There are success stories here, albeit deep and personal ones. I can speak from personal experience that his time and efforts have repaired my familial relationships."

"I have the opportunity to deal with students who are having problems in many different avenues of their lives. One of my greatest instruments for assisting these particular kids is the group therapy that Steve facilitates. His passion for what he does comes out in his counseling and students see how much he cares, feel his emotion, and understand his words. As an end result, lives are changed and in reality, they are saved."

"So here I am! I couldn't imagine my life without parenting class. Nor would I want to imagine my children's life without me in this class. Before taking the class I did think I was a good parent, I WAS WRONG!, I used punishment, rewards and praise, instead of encouragement and discipline. I also believed in competition, and would never have dreamed of teaching cooperation in the home. I never would have asked my children how I was doing as a parent and certainly would not have liked the answer. Now I ask my kids and they are not afraid to tell me. I LOVE THE RELATIONSHIP I have not only with my children, but with my husband since I started parenting classes. We would have been divorced if it wasn't for this class. This class has been wonderful for us!"

"Ever since my mom and dad started parenting classes they've learned tons of skills to deal with us and I think our family would be rubble. I probably would be a runaway, my brothers would be on drugs and my dad would be charged with child abuse, and mom would have left us and never come back. We are doing great"

"Mr. Allred's experience and expertise in helping people move from hopeless desperation, emotional devastation and mental depression in their lives to becoming responsible, caring and contributing people in society and life is most needed and appreciated."

"I struggled my senior year in high school. School wasn't hard, but the social aspects were unbearable. I saw dropping out of school as one way to escape the pressure and emotional strain. I started attending group therapy and continued throughout my senior year. I learned to confront my problems and deal with my anger. I learned that other students cared about me and wanted to see me succeed. I formed a bond of friendship through shared trust and respect. More importantly I learned that I had a voice worth hearing. I stood up for myself and asked for help when I needed it. I am currently a doctoral student at _____ University and I am healthy and happy. Sessions with Steve's guidance and perspective truly helped me to see what I could become."

"The wealth of information that Steve has provided has helped me become not only a better father to my children, but also a better partner to my spouse. I can also say without fear of contradiction that I have become a better citizen for having subscribed to Steve's philosophy and guidelines."

"Because of the techniques that Steve has taught me, I have learned to heal and re-fuel myself so I can be a better parent, a better partner and a more productive member of society. I was feeling despair and even considering suicide, and through my work with Steve I got the encouragement I needed to get me through."

"Several years ago my daughter was on drugs and we were desperate for help. We referred to Mr. Allred. I learned things that changed my life and with Mr. Allred's guidance we saved our family from much grief. My husband and I were on the verge of a divorce, but with the tremendous guidance we received from Mr. Allred our family stayed together."

"I come from a background of incest, rape, drug addiction, a home of chaos. I have become centered, emotionally strong and with the skills I have learned and applying the tools I have created a home of safety and peace. My efforts have rippled out through my daughters, now we can communicate, accept differences and work through problems."

"I am a single teenage mother and I have never been anywhere where I have been offered more help and encouragement. It is my opinion that teaching people the best way to encourage their children is the only way to ensure a good family relationship. It has worked amazing wonders in my relationships with my family."

"Mr. Allred has equipped me with the tools and knowledge for me to really make a difference in our lives. I can't stress enough, how much I have learned and how much it has helped me deal with my children and my husband."

"I came to parenting class for some guidance dealing with what my children were going through, with our divorce and wanting to be a more effective father. But what I found was a lifeline. I found a safe place where I could talk openly, where I have learned so much about myself and grown more than I could have imagined."

"I have learned to personally respect my kids and not shame them, to learn to listen, to truly believe in myself and our children. The impact in our home has been tremendous, more patience, love and tons more listening."

"Mr. Allred's expertise, experience and dedication provide a vital resource to parents and children in our community. As a parent, teacher and former foster parent, I feel it is important and wise to provide services to people who are searching for ways to become more effective and more appropriate in their family relationships."

"I don't think people realize how many lives this man has saved, how many families he has helped out, how many lives have been touched by this man."

"Steve never sugar coats anything, he told me the truth and helped me realize problems, he opened my eyes. I tried to commit suicide before, but this was the worst case, I drove myself off a cliff and almost killed myself, that's when I started coming to group and realized I'm not alone."

"Steve has been with us through thick and thin, I have been through so much with my family, especially with my step dad. Two summers ago I tried to take my own life, but I have been learning how to cope and deal with things now."

"Ok so here is the scoop! My parents are getting divorced and I honestly didn't think that I could go on, I was considering suicide very much, I wanted everything and everybody to go away. I thought if I killed myself then it would show them that my life was bad enough to kill myself over, then they would see the problem through my eyes. Steve showed me that life is good and that my problems could be solved, but not by killing myself."

"My work with Steve taught me discipline and structure in my life"

"Thank you for helping me be myself and becoming stronger and helping me step into my greatness."

"Before I knew what "aloha" was, you were teaching it to me and us. Thank you so much for guiding us and me down the path I need to make my life richer and more meaningful"

"Your work with my daughter and I helped me to better understand both myself and her as well as the interaction between us. I think my biggest fear was that she didn't like me. But with your help, I was able to see that when we struggle with each other, it is important that we move towards one another rather than away. That alone has changed our relationship A LOT."

"your ability to reach so quickly inside of each of us has become a great blessing in our lives. We appreciate your tough love approach, you wouldn't let us get away with any garbage, you were tough! Thanks a lot"

"thanks for teaching me everything that you have taught me, I really respect me now"

"I have been highly successful in reaching the goals that I've made for myself. I believe that this is due directly to the things I've learned from you."

           "Our recent session with you was a fabulous 12th anniversary gift we gave ourselves! I realized that we regularly take our car in for maintenance, we update all of our electronic devices frequently, we see the dentist semi-annually and have physicals annually, so why not pay as much (or more) attention to the care and enhancement of our marriage??? It seemed like a great time for a "marital tune-up?" I couldn't believe how long I had struggled with trying to find a way to connect with my husband, and gone back and forth with passive-aggressive patterns (letting go of the hope of ever connecting, then feeling resentment and frustration towards him for not connecting, etc), and in just a few hours, you were able to help us see the real issues and gave us practical and simple approaches to bring the two of us together! I know that you are the best in the biz, and that's why we drove 7 hours to see you! A healthy marriage is a priority that is worth the investment and work it takes to make it fulfilling. I recommend that all couples consider this as part of their anniversary gifts to one another!"